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Community Wellness

Wellness is not just about what each of us does as individuals.  It is also about how we affect each other, and the impact that we can have together on the health of our community.

A healthy community is more than a group of healthy individuals. We know that tragedy can strike at any time, and in communities as small as ours, everyone can be affected.

Community wellness is about the ability and willingness of people to act together – in good times, and in bad – in ways which benefit everyone.

Healthy communities are built on the relationships that we nurture and the efforts that we make to work through the problems we encounter along the way.  It is also about celebrating our successes as a community

Living Well in Vegreville

The Vegreville community embraces living well, from beautiful walking trails, variety of health services to an array of holistic health options. 

Living well goes beyond physical fitness or sports performance. Wellness is a holistic concept that encompasses a person's physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual components. Living well gives you the energy to engage with life in a meaningful and fulfilling way.  


St. Joseph's General Hospital
Vegreville Community Health Centre
Vegreville Family Clinic
Alberta Health Services
Vegreville & District Family & Community Services