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Tax Installment Payment Program

What is the Tax Installment Payment Program (TIPP)?

  • TIPP is a monthly tax installment payment plan by which taxpayers may make a consecutive monthly payment for taxes rather than a single annual payment.
  • Bylaw No. 04-2009 of the Town of Vegreville allows Taxpayers to have their property taxes and local improvements paid in monthly installments by pre-authorized withdrawal from their bank account.

Why should you use the Tax Installment Payment Program?

  • The Payment Plan breaks the annual tax payment into 12 monthly payments to make budgeting easier.
  • Convenient and reliable form of payment.
  • Balances are not subject to penalties, provided payments are made.

How does the plan work? 

  • An application form must be completed.
  • Payments are made by automatic withdrawal from your bank account.
  • Taxes must be paid up to date before enrolling in the plan.
  • You choose a payment date of either the 15th or at the end of the month.
  • Monthly payments from January through June are 1/12th of the preceding year tax levy.
  • Monthly payments for July through December are re-calculated on the current tax levy less payments made from January to June. Payments are equal to 1/6th of the re-calculated amount.

Who can use the Tax Installment Payment Plan?  

All Taxpayers are eligible to participate in the Installment Plan provided all property taxes, local improvements, arrears and penalties are current.

How do I apply? 

To apply for the Tax Installment Payment Program please complete and sign the Authorization Form, attach a void cheque, and return to the Town of Vegreville Office.

Tax Installment Payment Program Authorization Form  Paperless Authorization Form

Please note, if you enroll in the TIPP program you must pay your to-date amount as it's an annual program. 

Withdrawal or Cancellation

  • You may withdraw from the Plan by filling out the appropriate form available at the Town Office.
  • The Town Manager may cancel a taxpayer’s privilege of continuing in the Plan if two consecutive installments fail to be honored in any year.
  • If you withdraw, or the Town cancels your participation in the Plan, the unpaid balance of taxes, if any, shall then be due and paid in full within thirty days and shall be subject to penalties normally calculated for unpaid taxes.
  • Any payments that are dishonored by the bank are subject to a service charge.

Please advise us of any changes to banking information

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