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The Town of Vegreville and the Vegreville and District Chamber of Commerce have partnered to promote our local businesses! Now that many businesses have reopened after the pandemic, we want to let our trade area know that Vegreville is open for business.

From July 13 to September 13, the Town and Chamber will be posting feature videos of our local businesses on the Town's YouTube and the Chamber's Facebook. This campaign is free to any Vegreville businesses to participate in! The intent is to let everyone in and around Vegreville know that our businesses are open and ready to serve you.

Why is supporting local businesses more important than ever?

The pandemic hasn't been easy on Vegreville businesses. Many have had to close over the last several months, and now that they've reopened business isn't what it used to be. Supporting local businesses now helps ensure they're around to support you later!

How can you participate?

Visit the Town's YouTube or the Chamber's Facebook page and watch and share the videos of our local businesses! And of course, support our local businesses however and whenever you can.

Check out what's Open in Vegreville

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