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Business Revitalization Program – (C1) Small Commercial

The purpose of this program is to encourage and provide (C1 zoned) business the opportunity to improve and/or update the appearance of their business. Applicants can apply for a rebate of 20% up to a maximum of $2,000 per business location for improvements to their commercial building. This must include a minimum 20% of the work being devoted to the building frontage.

(1) $10,000 of Improvements excluding G.S.T. Rebate 20% = $2,000

(2) $ 8,000 of Improvements excluding G.S.T. Rebate 20% = $1,600

Program Details
C1 Application 

Non- Residential Development Incentive Program

The Town of Vegreville encourages the expansion, renovation and/or new construction of non-residential development. Business owners who are expanding or building may qualify for this program.