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Getting Involved

Vegreville & District FCSS inspire youth to engage in board governance and nonprofit

Youth engagement has been a hot topic in the nonprofit sector and community for the last several years. Nonprofits want to know how to reach young people and keep them engaged. Especially when it comes to getting young people at decision-making tables to support succession planning for the nonprofit sector.



Family & Community Support Services

Community Gardens
Vegreville Community Gardens is a committee that aims to connect families and individuals in Vegreville with the opportunity to grow their own food in a garden.
Contact [email protected] for more information.

Vegreville Cares Coalition
Vegreville Cares is a coalition which aims to strengthen individuals and their relationships through education and awareness. Focusing primarily on mental health, addictions and family violence prevention.
Contact Brad Dahr [email protected] for more information.



Infrastructure Planning & Development

Land Use Committee
A Committee that requires involvement to provide guidance and recommendations to Council regarding the Land Use Bylaw and Municipal Development Plan.

If you are interested in serving your community by joining the Land Use Committee please contact Kerina Sorochan at [email protected]


Subdivision & Development Appeal Board
Is a Board that hears appeals from decisions of the Development Authority and Subdivision Authority pursuant to the requirements of the Municipal Government Act.

If you are interested in serving your community by joining the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board please contact Kerina Sorochan at [email protected]

Prairie Tails Animal Rescue Society

The Town of Vegreville has entered into an agreement with Prairie Tails Animal Rescue Society to operate the Town of Vegreville Animal Shelter. The newly formed society is local and entirely made up of volunteers who will be caring for animals that are placed into the shelter. They will be ensuring veterinary care and checks as well as attempting to rehome animals as required.

The Town of Vegreville is excited to partner with the Society which will bring about a reduced responsibility for Town staff for the operation of the shelter and more importantly increase the likelihood of successful rehoming of animals.

If you would like more information on the Prairie Tails Animal Rescue Society or to volunteer please see their Facebook page or contact Municipal Enforcement at  780-631-2810.

Vegreville Centennial Library

Friends of the Library group
This group doesn’t meet regularly but you may be called upon when assistance is needed for an event etc. You must be interested in fundraising and an advocate for the Library. 

Interested people can contact the Library Manager at [email protected]

Vegreville Fire Department

The VFD is always looking for new members to join their team.  We have a dedicated core group of members who are committed to service the public at a moment’s notice, when they are available.  But, lets face it, we aren’t getting any younger and the demands of the department are always challenging.  We are dedicated to promoting from within but with that we must have a dedicated number of new members to fill the ranks.  This gives the citizens of Vegreville an immense opportunity to become involved in one of the most challenging and rewarding occupations that a typical Vegreville resident can be part of.

Once you have determined that “you are ready” to become a firefighter, you can stop by the Emergency Services Building, located at 5100-60 street (across the street from Grant Miller Motors), during normal business hours and pick up an intake package.  This package has information for the applicant to read and the necessary forms to fill out.  This package can then be returned to the station where it will be processed.  Our selection committee will then review the applications and move forward from there.

We also have other sections of the department for those who don’t want to fight the fires or treat the sick.  We have a few other support roles that members can participate in.  One such section is the Fire Prevention/Public Education aspect of the department.  We go into schools, seniors homes and attend public events, all in an effort to help people learn what they can do to keep themselves safe. If you like talking to people and are interested in educating others, get in touch. We are always looking for new people to join the team and will provide the required training.

Please stop by the Emergency Services Building, located at 5100-60 Street for any inquiries.