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Noxious Weeds

Weeds, or invasive plants, are non-native plants that adapt quickly and aggressively to the Alberta landscape causing lasting damage.

The negative effects of weeds include:

  • Reducing the habitat available for native plants species, which in turn threatens species of insect, plant, fish and animal that depend on native plants
  • Reducing property values for residents and agricultural producers
  • Production from agriculture and forestry industries
  • Increasing land management expenses for counties and municipalities, businesses and property owners

Do you garden or landscape?

  • When planting, choose plants that are Alberta native species – they're adapted to thrive and are better for supporting our province's bees, butterflies and birds.
  • When buying soil, sand or gravel, select a company that practices good weed control.
  • Scrutinize seed packets as they may include the seeds of invasive plants. Use local seed mixes or buy individual species to make your own mix.
  • Before going to the gardening centre, brush up on your knowledge of native and invasive plants