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Community Playgrounds

Lion's Club Community Spray Park

Located behind the Centennial Library on 47th Ave.
Spray Park Hours are 8 am - 8 pm daily, with washrooms opening at 10 am (Seasonal / Weather permitting)  

The Spray park utilizes a recirculating system, which filters and treats the fresh water in order for it to be used again. This greatly reduces the amount of water needed to operate the Spray Park.

Washroom/change rooms are available during park operating hours only. The washroom is not equipped with a shower.

Food can be consumed at the gazebo. Please tidy up after yourself and help us keep the park clean for everyone. Avoid glass containers to keep the park feet friendly.

Don’t forget children under 12 years old should be actively supervised at the park.  Smoking is not permitted in the park and pets are best left at home.

Please do not swing, climb, or hang on any of the equipment.

You can not reserve the spray park, availability is offered on a first-come first-served basis.

We reserve the rights to close the Spray park due to weather, mechanical issues, or other circumstances as deemed by the Town of Vegreville.

No alcoholic beverages in or around the park.

No smoking in any public park in the Town of Vegreville, including the Spray park


Questions or concerns please contact the Parks Department at 780-632-3100



Vegreville Kinettes Playground 

Located at 47 St. & 53 Ave.

Pirate Playground

Pirate Playground located behind the Vegreville Centennial Library on 47th Ave.

Kinsmen Pysanka Playground

Located at Elks/Kinsmen Park