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Find out why Vegreville is the best choice for you

Stuck in traffic, eh? Aren’t you getting sick of it? The average commute time in Edmonton is 26 minutes. Just going to work and back that’s an almost 14-thousand minutes a year. Heck, with all that time you could’ve watched the ‘Titanic’ movie 72 times. But, no. You’re. Stuck in traffic.


You need a change.


 You’re invited to Vegreville! A vibrant community offering affordable housing, excellent amenities … oh, right … and, an average commute time of 6 minutes flat. See for yourself. Contact Tom Koep today and find out why you should make the move.


Tom Koep, Economic Development Manager
Town of Vegreville  
4829 - 50 Street
Vegreville, AB T9C 1R7
[email protected]
780-632-3891 office
780-632-8780 cell

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