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Friendly Faces Delivery Program


To limit the number of people going out into public, FCSS has developed a delivery service to meet the needs of the community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Multiple agencies and organizations are modifying the way they deliver programs and services to become accessible online. This change requires supplies and materials being delivered to people’s homes. Instead of multiple agencies and organizations all going out to deliver items, FCSS will provide a centralized collection and delivery program to limit the exposure to residents.

Deliveries to residents:

  • Made during FCSS office hours 9:00 am to 4:30 pm on Mondays and Thursdays.
  • Items being delivered will be left outside the recipient’s door.
  • The delivery person will ring the doorbell bell or knock on the door and then step 2 meters away. Once the items have been taken into the home, this will be documented, and they will leave the property.

Preparations for agencies and organizations:

  • Call our office at 780-632-3966 or email us [email protected]
  • FCSS will provide bags and label templates to participating organizations.
  • Print labels with the client’s first name and address stapled to the delivery bag.
  • Provide an accurate detailed list of clients receiving goods. Include full name, address, phone number, and special delivery instructions (ex: if there’s a time of day to avoid, if there’s an aggressive dog in the farmyard, whether or not the country roads are paved, which door to use, etc.)
  • Provide FCSS with the items sorted and ready to deliver.
  • Drop off items using the back door of the FCSS Office.

FCSS will:

  • Assign a number to each package and track the items that are being delivered.  
  • Recruit, train and coordinate volunteers or staff to deliver packages.
  • If the volunteers or staff encounter any difficulties, they will call FCSS.

Do you want to become a volunteer delivery driver?

Are you interested in offering your time and your vehicle for delivering program materials? We would be very grateful for your support!

  • The delivery schedule prepared and updated weekly by FCSS. If you were unable to deliver, we ask that you call FCSS so that we can get a replacement
  • Pick up will be at the Town of Vegreville Administration Building (4829 – 50 St). Please park in the big parking lot behind the building.