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Services and Utilities

We pride ourselves on our commitment to maintaining superior green spaces, roadways,  well-maintained infrastructure, and services for our residents. 

Public Works Department
5417 Birch Avenue
Box 640
Vegreville, AB  T9C 1R7

Phone:  780-632-3439 (24 Hour)

Please be aware the Town does not provide natural gas or electricity. You will need to set up separate accounts with a third party to access those services.

Services FAQ

When will my street be cleared of snow?
Click HERE to view the Priority Snow Removal Routes.

My sewer has backed up into my house.  Who do I contact?
Please contact a plumber first. 

How do I get a garbage bin for my business?
Please phone the Public Works Department at 780-632-3439 to discuss the options available.

When will my garbage be picked up?
There is no set day for garbage bin pickup in the back lanes.  Residential garbage is picked up once a week. If you have a roll-out bin, you must make sure that it placed in the street correctly.  Click HERE for full instructions on the proper placement.  Contact the Public Works Department at 780-632-3439 for roll-out pick up dates.

Who do I contact if a streetlight isn't working?
If possible, write down the number on the pole which can be found on a silver plate at about eye level, then fill out ATCO Electric's form on their website by clicking this link: 

Dog License

Even indoor dogs can slip away and get lost, that's what a licence is for.
A dog licence is a unique ID that tells us your dog belongs to you. It allows us to reunite the two of you more quickly if your dog ever gets lost or displaced in an emergency.

Offences and Penalties
Dog License (Male or Female)

You must purchase a new license every year
The first replacement of a lost dog tag is $35

Simply bring in the attached form to the Town office.
4829-50th Street, Vegreville, AB  T9C 1R7
T: 780-632-2606 
[email protected]