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Recycling & Garbage

The Town of Vegreville recognizes the importance of reducing its carbon footprint and encourages its residents to do the same.  In a three year period, the Vegreville Materials Recovery Facility (VMRF) shipped the equivalent of 93 tractor trailer loads of recyclable materials to processing facilities.  If these tractor trailer loads were lined up, they would stretch for 1.25 km, or 14 football fields.

Our recycling programs at the Vegreville Sanitary Landfill have also recycled the following quantities:

  • 384 metric tonnes of metal
  • 100 metric tonnes of electronics
  • 15 metric tonnes of household hazardous wastes
  • 40 metric tonnes of paint material
  • Currently active in Alberta's Tire Recycling Program with tens of thousands of tires recycled to date


2020 Round-up Results