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Snow Removal

Snow removal routes are typically updated the day before removal is planned. Be sure you visit our website frequently to make sure you don't miss the heads up! 

Priority Snow Removal Routes

(Click here for a printable version of this list)

There are conditions that may alter the priority of this list depending on the wind direction, force, and the amount of snow.


  1. Highway 16A North to the Hospital
  2. 50 Street from 55 Avenue to 45 Avenue (Main Street)
  3. Elk’s Hall East to the Hospital – 54A Avenue
  4. 49 Street from 54 Avenue to 45 Avenue
  5. 67 Street South of Highway 16A
  6. 50 Street from 45 Avenue to 42 Avenue
  7. 48 Street South of Highway 16A to 42 Avenue
  8. 45 Avenue from 48 Street to Maple Street
  9. Maple Street from 45 Avenue to Highway 16A
  10. 55 Avenue from Highway 16A to 75 Street and North past InnoTech to Highway 16A
  11. Birch Avenue from 60 Street to 50 Street
  12. 51 Avenue from Highway 16A to 53 Street
  13. 52 Avenue from 49 Street to 53 Street and South to Highway 16A
  14. 50 Street from Elk’s Hall North to 61 Avenue
  • The main arteries and emergency routes are priority
  • The school areas, assisted living and seniors complexes are secondary
  • The roads necessary for doctors on call can be opened when requested
  • Expanding out to residential areas alternating from North side to the South side daily
  • The airport as time and resources permit
  • The back alleys are opened when the need, equipment and operators are available.

The 72 hour Parking Bylaw of Vehicles and Equipment on public roads is to be enforced year round.


  1. 50 Street from Elk’s Hall South and all adjoining Avenues to 45 Avenue
  2. 67 Street South of Highway 16A
  3. All four-way stops
  4. All school areas
  5. Hospital
  6. Main Street intersections
  7. All other areas as time and resources allow