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Water & Sewer


Rates as of March 2020 are $3.13 per cubic meter of water used
There is a $25.00 Water Application Fee for all new accounts
Flat rate for zero water consumption is $28.20/month

Sanitary Sewer
$4.70 (up to 17 cubic meters of water)
$0.39 per cubic meter after 17, to a maximum of 36.75 cubic meters for residential (Maximum Residential Sewer Monthly charge is $12.40)

Non-residential sewer has the same additional charge after 17 cubic meters, but no maximum charge)

Fixed Service Fee - $5.50 / month
Flood Mitigation/Storm Drainage Fee - $6.00 / month

Other utility fees 
Residential Garbage Fee - $6.00 / month
Recycling Fees -  $6.00 / month

Report a Problem

Contact Public Works 24/7 at 780-632-3439



Bulk Water Station

The Vegreville Bulk Water Station is located just off of Highway 16A on 75 Street.  The station is coin operated or you can set up an account by contacting 780-632-3439. 

Volume Charge is $5.65 per cubic metre