Vegreville’s Water Distribution System Free of Lead

Author: Kaleb Brink Posted on: Nov 14, 2019

As a result of recent news stories regarding lead levels in drinking water, the Town of Vegreville feels it necessary to reassure our customers that Town water remains safe for consumption.

The Town of Vegreville receives water from EPCOR’s water treatment facilities in Edmonton. In EPCOR’s March 22, 2019 Report to the Utility Committee – Lead Mitigation Strategy Business Case, EPCOR stated: “Currently [EPCOR Water Services Inc.] drinking water does not contain detectable amounts of lead when it leaves the water treatment plant and lead levels in samples collected from the municipal distribution system piping are also less than detection.”

In their September monthly report available on their website, EPCOR showed there to be less than 0.2 micrograms per litre of lead in the water leaving their treatment facilities. The Province has set the maximum allowable amount of lead in drinking water at 5 micrograms per litre. The Town of Vegreville tests for chlorine daily, Bac-T weekly, and trihalomethanes and lead annually. The latest test for lead was taken on December 20, 2018, which showed there were only 0.06 micrograms per litre in our water. Amounts as low as the latest sample taken in Vegreville are considered undetectable and are not a cause for concern.

The Town of Vegreville will continue to monitor the condition of the water leaving EPCOR’s treatment facilities. The Town will also continue to run routine tests to ensure drinking water remains safe for our customers.

Lead contamination occurs when water comes in direct contact with lead-based products such as lead sealed fasteners. The Town of Vegreville’s Water Distribution System uses no lead-based products. If you’d like more information on the topic, please visit or contact your local EPCOR office.