CN Crossing Concerns

Author: Posted on: Jul 19, 2018

The Town of Vegreville has recently reviewed the public’s concerns in regards to the train whistle blowing at crossings within Town limits. During consultation with CN in regards to this matter, the Town has confirmed the following:

CN has stated that engine whistling requirements are controlled through the Canadian Rail Operating Rules (CROR). A municipality may work with rail companies to install alternate safety measures at at-grade crossings which meet Transport Canada guidelines to eliminate the need for train whistling. These alternative measures are designed uniquely for each intersection depending on the specific requirements deemed necessary to replace the safety function of the train whistle.

This process of whistle cessation generally takes 3-5 years to implement. 

The cost of the safety upgrades to the at-grade crossings are the responsibility of the municipality. The average cost of a suitable crossing for whistle cessation is $400,000, and the Town has 4 crossings which it is responsible for.

At this time, Town Council is not prepared to spend over One Million Dollars for this endeavor.