CN Public inquiries in regards to Vegreville Crossings

Author: Posted on: May 10, 2018

CN Public inquiries in regards to Vegreville crossings 

The Town of Vegreville has heard concerns from citizens in regards to the CN crossings with in the Town limits. In speaking with CN representatives, they have suggested that residents report their concerns to them directly.

 Please make sure to include the following information:

 CN Public Inquires




List of CN Markers in Town of Vegreville

60 Street (Hwy 857)   Mile 57.90

50 Street                     Mile 57.13

49 Street                     Mile 57.00

47 Street                     Mile 56.67

43 Street                     Mile 56.36

Length / time of blocking intersection:

When you have all the information please call CN Public Inquiries at 1-888-888-5909 or email [email protected]