Double check your July utility invoice (email only)

Author: Kaleb Brink Posted on: Jul 09, 2020

We experienced an issue with our invoicing system and some of the utility bills sent through email this morning are incorrect.

The invoice date on your utility invoice should be July 10, 2020. If you received a utility invoice that is not dated July 10, 2020, please disregard the invoice.

Some customers may have received two invoices, one being the correct invoice dated July 10, 2020, and another invoice dated 2019. If you received an invoice dated 2019, please disregard the invoice.

If you did not receive a utility invoice dated July 10, 2020, please contact us at 780-632-2606 or [email protected].

We extend our apologies to those affected. We have identified and corrected the cause of the issue. Thank you in advance for your patience.