Microchip Scanner purchased

Author: Posted on: Mar 17, 2017


The Town of Vegreville Municipal Enforcement Services department now has a microchip scanner for the Animal Shelter/Pet Haven. This is a specialized tool that Town staff and Municipal Enforcement will utilize when trying to locate the owners of the many cats and dogs that come through the animal shelter. In 2016, a total of 115 cats and 42 dogs were either captured by staff or brought in by members of the public. The animal shelter in Vegreville accepts all lost, displaced, and stray cats and dogs that are found within town limits. However, the Municipal Enforcement Services department does not set traps for stray cats. In the event that you have problems with stray cats in your neighbourhood, please contact Municipal Enforcement Services to obtain a live cat trap. The Town of Vegreville will not accept any cats or dogs found or trapped within areas outside of the Town’s corporate limits. Should you find an animal in these areas, please contact the county office of your jurisdiction.

The Town of Vegreville Municipal Enforcement Services reminds pet owners to purchase their 2017 dog tags and suggest to all cat and dog owners to consider visiting their local veterinary clinic to have their pet microchipped. This will ensure a quick and safe return should they become lost! If you have recently lost a pet, please call the Municipal Enforcement Services line at 780-632-7666. Finally, finding homes for the many orphaned pets is always a challenge. Anyone who may be willing and able to provide a loving home for an orphaned cat or dog, please contact us.