Vegreville Playgrounds to Open on May 22

Author: Kaleb Brink Posted on: May 21, 2020

Vegreville playgrounds will be open effective Friday, May 22. The Town’s decision is in line with the Government of Alberta’s Relaunch recommendations.

To protect the safety of others, playground users must practice social distancing at all times by keeping a minimum of two metres from others. If a playground appears busy, residents should come back at a later time. We recommend that playground users wash and or sanitize their hands before and immediately after visiting playgrounds. Before residents use playgrounds, they should understand that they are choosing to use playgrounds at their own risk and that the Town of Vegreville will not be sanitizing playground surfaces.

Failure to comply with social distancing at Vegreville playgrounds will result in playgrounds closing once again.

The decision to reopen playgrounds is in addition to stage one of the Town's Municipal COVID-19 Relaunch Plan. You can read the full plan here