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Bylaws & Policies


2020 General Taxmill Rate & Bylaw 07-2020
2019 General Taxmill Rate & Bylaw 12-2019
2018 General Taxmill Rate & Bylaw 06-2018
2017 General Taxmill Rate & Bylaw 13-2017
2016 General Taxmill Rate & Bylaw 04-2016
Airport Bylaw 09-2013
Airport Fees and Charges Bylaw 08-2018
Assessment of Designated Manufactured Homes in a Manufactured Home Community Bylaw 14-2019
Assessment Review Board Bylaw 09-2018
Borrowing Bylaw to Finance the Purchase and Retrofits of Trans Canada Maintenance Facility 02-2011
Business License Bylaw 05-2019
Campground Bylaw 08-2013
Campground Bylaw Amendment 06-2016
Cannabis Bylaw 15-2018
Cemetery Bylaw 03-2020
Code of Conduct 03-2018
Community Standards Bylaw 17-2018
Controlling Nuisance Animals Bylaw 04-1993
Council Procedural Bylaw 13-2019
Curfew Bylaw 07-1994
Economic Development and Tourism Advisory Board 09-2019
Emergency Management Bylaw 11-2018
Establishing Assessment Review Board Bylaw 09-2018
Family and Community Support Services Advisory Board Bylaw 21-2017
Fees and Charges Bylaw 06-2020
Fire Services Bylaw 02-2018
Intermunicipal Development Plan Bylaw 06-2013
Labour, Equipment and Vehicle Rental Rates 15-2019
Land Use Bylaw 11-2019
Land Use Bylaw Amendment 02-2020
Land Use Committee Bylaw 19-2018
Licensing, Regulation and Confining Dogs Bylaw 04-1995
Licensing, Regulation and Confining Dogs Bylaw Amendment 07-1998
Municipal Development Plan Bylaw 01-2012
Municipal Enforcement Officer Bylaw 14-2018
Municipal Enforcement Services and Charges Bylaw 19-2017
Non-Profit Community Organizations Exemption Bylaw 08-2000
Non-Residential Development Incentive Bylaw 01-2005
Problem Wildlife Bylaw 02-2010
Public Notification Bylaw 13-2018
Sanitary Sewer Bylaw 07-2010
Solid Waste Committee Bylaw 06-2019
Solid Waste Management Bylaw 04-2020
Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Bylaw 01-2019
Tax Installment Payment Program 04-2009
Town Inter-Municipal Development Plan Committee Bylaw 18-2018

Town of Vegreville - County of Minburn Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework Bylaw

Traffic Bylaw 18-2017
Vegreville Economic Development Board Bylaw 09-2019
Vegreville Tourism Advisory Board Bylaw 10-2019
Water Bylaw 01-2018


Community Services (CS)

Community Funding And Support Policy - CS-3001

Financial Policies (FIN)

Sponsorship Policy - FIN-6001
Travel and Expense Policy - FIN-6002
Council Remuneration - FIN-6003
Council Professional Development - FIN-6004
P-Card Policy - FIN-6005

Governance (GOV)

Developing Policies And Procedures - GOV-1001
Sale Of Town Owned Land - GOV-1002
Flag Protocol - GOV-1003
Communications Policy - GOV-1004
Media Relations - GOV-1005
Social Media Policy - GOV-1006
Public Engagement - GOV-1007
Business & Community Recognition - GOV-1008
Proclamation Policy - GOV-1009
Council Meeting Video Policy - GOV-1011

Human Resources (HR)

Employee Policy Manual - HR-4001

Municipal Operations & Services (MOS)

Legacy Giving Program Policy - MOS-2001
Cash-in-Lieu of Parking - MOS-2002
MOS 2003 Unmanned Air Vehicle Policy
MOS 2004 Snow Removal Sanding Policy
MOS 2005 Level Of Service Fire Services Policy
Designated Highway Signage Area - MOS-2006
Service Road Boulevard Licencing - MOS-2007

Occupational Health & Safety (OHS)

Disability Management - OHS-5001
Working Alone Policy - OHS-5002
Contractor Safety Management Policy - OHS-5003