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Community Gardens

Community gardens provide a source of food security, support wellness and promote a sense of community. 

As specified in the program guidelines, past gardeners have first dibs on the garden plot they had in the previous year. A limited number of plots are available and will be issued on a ‘first come first served’ basis. 

COVID-19 Precautions for Participants 

  • All participating gardeners will be required to comply with Alberta Health Services (AHS) public health orders for isolation if you are symptomatic, have traveled, or have tested positive for COVID-19. These public health orders apply to all public areas, including community gardens. 
  • We will be required to follow current AHS guidelines for physical distancing, meaning there can be a maximum of 15 people in the garden and a minimum 2-metre distance between individuals at all times. If individuals find that the garden is at capacity, they are expected to abstain from entering the space until enough people leave to respect the limit. If the need arises, we may look at creating a schedule for gardeners to ensure proper distancing can occur. 
  • Gardeners are required to wash their hands before entering and after leaving the garden site. 
  • As in years past, all gardeners must bring their own tools/equipment, gardening gloves and disinfecting products, and must take these items with them when they leave. 
  • Only service animals can be permitted on site: animals must be leashed, wearing service vest/identification and not in direct contact with edibles. It is recommended to wash hands before and after interacting with pets. 
  • We encourage community caring and ask that participating gardeners consider growing a row for the Vegreville Food Bank. 

Public Health Orders

Program Handbook

We thank everyone for their interest in our Community Gardens. All plots for the 2020 growing season are spoken for. 

Anyone interested in reserving a garden plot for this year is asked to please call 587-790-0923 or email