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Business Licences

The Town of Vegreville’s Business Licence Bylaw 05-19 requires businesses to hold a valid Business Licence when conducting business within the boundaries of the Town of Vegreville. A business is defined under Business Licence Bylaw 05-19 as:  

  • A commercial, merchandising, marketing or industrial activity or undertaking that invoices for goods or services; 
  • A profession, trade, occupation, calling or employments; or  
  • An activity providing goods or services, whether or not for profit and however organized or formed, including a co-operative or association of persons. 

Business Licences are valid from the date they are issued until December 31st of each year and must be renewed annually by February 28 if the business intends to continue operations in the Town of Vegreville. After February 28 of each year a 15% penalty will be added to their licence fee. Please contact Planning and Development at 780-632-6479 for more information.   

Business Licence Application  

Business Licence Cancelation  

Resource organizations 

Some businesses need provincial or special licences that may include examinations, bonding, zoning approvals, fire safety inspections, on-highway permits, trade qualifications, or trust provisions. New businesses should always check with the Province to ensure they have all required licences and approvals before conducting business.  

Alberta Corporate Services Centre 
1101 Legislature Annex Building
9718 – 107 Street 
Edmonton AB, T5K 1E4
Phone: 780-415-6091 

Generally, people living in a residential area expect the residential character of the neighborhood and the visual amenities to be protected from intrusion by commercial business. However, under The Town of Vegreville Land Use Bylaw, The Town may allow a small-scale business operation as permitted or discretionary use, providing the regulations governing home occupations are met. 

Conditions that apply: 

  • No home occupation shall change the principal character or external appearance of the dwelling or accessory buildings involved. 
  • No more than 20% or 30 square meters of the dwelling shall be used for the home occupation. 
  • Outside business activity and storage of material, equipment, or goods in connection with a home occupation is prohibited. 
  • There may be no disturbance to the existing amenities, including no dust, noise, odor, smoke, or other nuisance. 

To determine your business classification and fee amount, please contact our Planning and Development department. 

Business Licence Transfer 


Resident Commercial Business  

$75 + $40 Fire inspection fee 

Non-resident Commercial Business  

$75/day or $300/year 

Non-Resident General Contractor  


Resident Seasonal Business (food trucks, yard maintenance, and snow removal only) 


Non-resident Seasonal Business (food trucks, yard maintenance, and snow removal only) 


Trade Show  

$100/event or $300/year 

After February 28 of each year, a 15% penalty will be added to the licence fee if it is not paid. 

  1. Develop a business plan. 
  2. Complete your market research. 
  3. Obtain financial commitments before you take on start-up costs. 
  4. If you intend to operate as a sole proprietor or partnership, register your business name with Corporate Registry. 
  5. Contact the Town of Vegreville’s Planning and Development department for appropriate licences and permits at 780-632-6479. 
  6. Obtain the proper provincial/federal licences. 
  7. Contact Canada Revenue Agency for information on corporate income tax and GST.  
  8. Obtain an employers account number for Employment Insurance and Canada Pension Plan deductions. 
  9. Register your company with the Workers Compensation Board. 
  10. If you employ five or more people, register with the Alberta Health Insurance Plan. 
  11. Obtain appropriate insurance, leases and other operating needs. 
  12. Ensure that you comply with the pertinent labor regulations by contacting the Employments Standards Branch of Alberta Human Resources and Employment. 
  13. Ensure all health regulations that relate to your business have been investigated. 
  14. Ensure that all environmental issues that affect your business have been investigated. 

On November 8, 2021, the Town of Vegreville Council passed Bylaw 08-2021 Small Business Sub-Class Bylaw and Policy FIN-6008 Small Business Sub-Class Policy. With this bylaw and policy the Town of Vegreville is implementing a formal process to provide qualified small businesses with a preferential property tax rate.

According to Policy FIN-6008 the properties eligible for the small business sub-class are those, other than designated industrial properties, that are owned or leased by a business who:

  1. Operate under a valid business licence or have proof of an approved business licence exemption from the Town of Vegreville;
  2. Employ fewer than 50 full-time employees within Canada as of November 30 of the preceding tax year; and
  3. Generate active business income from its operations.

On an annual basis the business must complete the attached form “ANNUAL SMALL BUSINESS DECLARATION” and submit it to the Town Office no later than 4:30 PM on the last working day of December each year. If the form is received after the last working day in December each year it will not qualify for the small business tax rate in the subsequent year.

In general, leased premises do not qualify for the small business subclass as they do not generate active business income. In the event the property is leased to a business that would otherwise qualify as a small business, the property may be eligible for the small business sub-class. Under Bylaw 08-2021 and Policy FIN-6008 it is the property owner’s responsibility to provide the Town of Vegreville with an Annual Small Business Declaration from each of the businesses that are leasing their property annually and submit them to the Town Office by the specified time.

The completed forms can be delivered to the Town office at 4829-50 St., Vegreville, AB; mailed to the Town of Vegreville, PO Box 640, Vegreville, AB T9C 1R7; or emailed to

You can contact us by emailing, by calling 780-632-6479, or by visiting us at the lower level of the Town Administration Building.