C1 Small Commercial Business Revitalization Incentive


The C1 Small Commercial Business Revitalization Program provides Businesses in the Downtown Core that improve and/or update the visual appearance of their business an opportunity to apply for a grant, valued at up to $3,000, from the Town of Vegreville.  Eligible improvements may include painting, flooring, shelving/cabinetry, light fixtures and exterior frontage including trim, facia, siding and brickwork, and exterior windows/doors. Examples of non-eligible improvements include appliances, electrical/plumbing (including furnace/hot water tank/utility upgrades), structural improvements (including replacement of structural wall), roofing, sidewalks, staff rooms, development permits and/or inspection fees. 

All applicants are advised to contact Economic Development in advance if they have any questions about the eligibility of specific improvements. 


1. Each Business can submit one application annually.

2. Program applies only to existing permitted and licensed Businesses within the Town of Vegreville.

3. Program does not apply to Home-Based Businesses or new Commercial Construction.

4. Priority is given to C1 Zoned Businesses within the Downtown Core however consideration will be given to businesses outside of the Downtown Core if the program is underapplied or if funding is otherwise available.

5. Applicants eligible for a rebate of up to 20%.

6. Maximum program benefit is $3,000 per Business location, example:

i. $8,000 of Improvements (excluding G.S.T) Rebate 20% = $1,600

ii. $15,000 of Improvements (excluding G.S.T) Rebate 20% = $3,000

7. The grant is capped at a maximum of five recipients per calendar year. Grants will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis.

a.    Should the C1 Small Commercial Business Revitalization Program be over subscribed, applicants may re-apply the following year provided that:

i.    The C1 Small Commercial Business Revitalization Program is offered during the year the application is received. 

ii.    Receipts for completed construction do not pre-date January 1, 2023. 

10. Eligible improvements must comply with the current Vegreville Land Use By-law.

i.    Note: Applicants will be deemed ineligible should it be determined proper permits were not obtained for completed construction.

11. Applicants are responsible for ensuring they meet the eligibility criteria and must confirm they qualify for the Business Revitalization Program.

NOTE: Other programs may be available to assist with the cost of improvements upon approval of the application. The successful applicant is invited to contact Community Futures to explore funding options.