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Sports fields

Town of Vegreville is offering another way for its residents to live an active lifestyle within our community at the Fitness ZoneLocated in the Elks/Kinsmen Park, the Fitness Zone is free to use and is intended for those ages 18+ years. There are no supervisors or instructors located at the Park. Use at your own risk and work at the intensity level that you are comfortable with. 

Vegreville Composite High School Soccer Field

Please be mindful of signage and usage rules posted at the School, also make note of usage during school hours. 

Notice to Sports Fields Users 

  • Not all listed locations are owned and operated by the Town of Vegreville and you should always check with the operator before using their facilities.  
  • You are choosing to use their green spaces at your own risk. Although the Town works to ensure the safety of our patrons, the Town of Vegreville is not responsible for any loss, damage or injury resulting from the use of the facility.  
  • We promote safe recreational practices and recommend that you use a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and any other recommended protective gear for the activity you are participating in.  
  • We will not tolerate any vandalism of our public spaces, please do not litter, graffiti, build homemade ramps or other equipment in our sports fields.  
  • We want our sports field to be an opening and welcoming space for everyone, please show respect for others.   
  • Facility hours are 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM, or at dusk.  

To report a problem please call 780-632-3100.

Vegreville Kinsmen Outdoor Rink

Pysanka Park Ice Rink (Seasonal)

The ice rink is open for the season. Please exercise caution near the water.

These courts are not actively monitored. Please obey all posted signage. Call 780-632-3100 to report any issues.

Riverview Ball Diamonds

Vegreville Agricultural Society's Ball Diamonds

Vegreville Vortex Football Field

Please obey all posted signage.